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Do I need to preform any KYC?
Coinramp does not require you to provide any personal information or preform any KYC process. You can sign up with just your email.
How does Coinramp Crypto Off-Ramp works?
Off-ramping is easy, fast and save. Deposit crypto to your Coinramp account, we will convert your crypto to USD at real-time market rate instantly. That's it.

With your USD balance, you can now order and fund your Coinramp Crypto Card.
Can I withdraw my USD balance?
At this time, you cannot transfer funds outside the Coinramp platform. You can order and fund your Coinramp Crypto Cards and send/receive funds from and to other Coinramp users.
What is the monthly/daily spend limit?
The monthly or daily spending limit is equal to your card's maximum balance. Your spending limit is calculated per active card. (Your account balance has no limits)  

You have 2 active virtual USD card's you can spend up to $5000 a month/daily on online payments per card.  So in this example, you can spend up to $10.000 a month or per day.
Can I use Coinramp if I reside outside the United States or Europe?
Yes, Coinramp is available in over 190 countries worldwide, excluding restricted areas.
Can I use my cards instantly after issuing?
Once you order a Coinramp virtual card, they are instantly issued and ready to be used online anywhere where Visa is accepted.
How many cards can I order?
You can have up to 3 active cards per account. You can always delete and order new cards.